Logodesign + Icon + inspirational applications
Branding, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Paul Michiels
Album Design / 12" Record Design / Roll-Up Banner
Packaging, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Building Arts
Fitting the vans of this construction and renovation company in a suitable outfit!
Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Automotive Design
Airbus / GateGroup
Touchscreen animation displayed at an international aviation fair. Customers and contacts get in an interactive way acquainted with the result of an intensive collaboration between two companies.
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Interaction Design
Logo design and template creation.
Logo design and template creation.
Designing a logo with accompanying corporate identity. The access card, is the product and actually the main subject in this assignment. Development and implementation of office applications such as PowerPoint templates and outlook signatures.
Branding, Graphic Design
Album & Single Design and Social Media Banners
Packaging, Graphic Design, Art Direction
Lume Traveler
Product branding and Logo Design
Product branding and logo design
Bicycle DNA 2018
Creation of brochure, illustrations and infographics in order of Fietsberaad.be.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Creative Direction
Branding and campaign exercises. Product design and performance.
MoMade Cupcakes
A logo design exercise for an Antwerp based Cupcake Company.
Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design
Poster Design local festival
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Buurland, design of a logo and branding for a band.
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
City Boxes
Stijn Wens (graphic design) and Philip Paquet (illustration) worked together on this project to design a nice cover for facility boxes placed around the theater in the city of Antwerp.
Illustration, Landscape Design, Street Art
Cycling Uden Alder
loge design
Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design
Fietsberaad infographics
Creation of infographics in order of Fietsberaad Vlaanderen
De Kracht van Verbindende Communicatie
Verbindende Communicatie geeft inspiratie aan organisaties die mensen in hun kracht willen zetten. Gemotiveerde medewerkers die zich gerespecteerd weten, werken beter samen, creëren meer kwaliteit en zijn een garantie voor de toekomst.
Graphic Design, Icon Design
IGEAN logo proposal
Doing a design exercise on a new logo and branding for this company.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration
Transport Icons
communication mobility conference picts ellements
Graphic Design, Icon Design
No More blank cheques
a wwf campaign about spending money and think about nature...
How to build a cardboard garage yourself
Making a garage for the kids
Fine Arts, Toy Design, Crafts
Canopus Consultants
a new ID for Canopus Consulatants
Branding, Graphic Design, Icon Design
Magic Wand - Artist Label
Designing an Artist Label for Magic Wand.
Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration
Icons Syntra
Designing an iconset for Syntra.
Graphic Design, Illustration
Tournée Générale
In a television show, two friends talk about beer and they end up making their own beer. I was asked to design the label for this beer.
Branding, Graphic Design, Product Design
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